What we do

We take your idea from a concept to reality. We care, build relationships, have industry experience, and develop effective websites and mobile & web app solutions.

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We care to see you grow with effective websites and mobile & web app solutions.

Your business is unique, and so is your market position and targeted customers. Our web development solutions will be adapted to what you need. After we’ve scanned your platform, you will be offered with an overview of what needs to be done to make it better. 

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Dynamics 365 CE Development

Our Dynamics 365 CE Development services deliver custom coding that is adapted to your business.

The key benefit of this service is optimizing your data use. With our codes and improvements, your customer data will be structured and organized for maximum efficiency. We will model your data, detect duplicate and irrelevant data, and enable you to utilize the relevant data more efficiently.

This will bring improvements also for your sales, marketing, and customer care.


Power Platform

With our Microsoft Power Platform services, we will help you overcome any complex challenges you face. You will be able to better analyze data, automate your process and create virtual agents.

Power Platform works by merging benefits of many different individual apps into one – the one you need to improve your business. This will help you be more innovative and to adapt to everchanging requirements of the market by creating solution-oriented plugins and software.



DevOps is a modern approach to project management, that aims to shorten the development lifecycle and create sophisticated software.

We do this by building strong relationship with you, and with on-site real-time collaboration in any project we endeavor. By working together in a devops environment, we can shorten the time it takes to deploy new features or fix bugs. Devops also helps ensure that systems are more reliable and secure, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

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Web and Mobile Development

Mobile and web applications are the most efficient way of doing business nowadays, as they bring your service to the whole world. Yes, the whole world is your market.

Our Web and Mobile Development services rely on our vast expertise and experience in knowing latest development trends and technology. We will build you an app that is accessible, UX/UC optimized, and ready to make your dreams a reality.

Your customer satisfaction will be our key performance indicator.

We create high standards with our expertise and our strategy

What you will receive is an upgrade for your product sales, and accessible services for your customers with enhanced UX/CX.

Our vast experience with Customer Relationship Management systems, Microsoft solutions, web development, custom software development, DevOps, source code management, migrations and upgrading the legacy software, will be your tools for success.


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The process behind the scenes

Before you start your growth story with us, let us tell you about a few things on HOW we do what we do.

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Discovery Phase

Every project is unique and requires specific approach.

In most cases, we start by talking and listening. Before any timeline, plan, or goal is set, we’d love to hear about your aims and desires.

Then we’ll create a web development process just for you and identify the estimated budget & timeline. You and your customers are the most important key points in our processes.

Next, we’ll make a strategy and project touch points. This helps us create a custom proposal for your projects making sure everything is agreed upon from both sides. Your business and your customers are the most important key points in our processes.

Strategy and Planning

Project cannot succeed without a clear plan and strategy in place. This is a key prerequisite of building your idea.

You will get an actionable plan, brand touchpoints, monthly review calls, and regular communication channel.

The final product is what you want, and your customers need, and we stay proudly behind it.

We’d love to use your directions if you feel that you have a well-structured tech environment. We’ll be happy to collaborate.

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Biznamics Development

Development Process

This is our most important phase of the project, the one where we deliver what’s been promised.

We take a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to our web development process. We do what needs to be done to design and build a site that’s not only visually appealing but also functionally reach and SEO discoverable.

Once the site is launched, we provide ongoing support and maintenance so you can rest assured that your website is always up-to-date and performing at its best.

Want to discuss your problem-solving solution?

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