Developing your business ideas with code.

Biznamics an IT consultancy company dedicated to transforming your initial development idea into a slick, intuitive and responsive web & mobile solution.

How we support your steady growth

If you want to move your business towards excellence, we’d like to be at any stage of your journey. We absolutely love seeing our clients strive to rely on our advice, services, and products. In a nutshell, this is what our web design company does.

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Dynamics 365 CE Development

Our goal is to bring your business to a new level by coding your Customer Relationship Management System. This leads to stronger marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction

Power Platform

Data is the new gold. You need to make sure your data is safe, structured, and utilized to its maximum capacity. We’d love to do this for you with Power Platform set of applications.



To us, DevOps is a way of life. There’d be no greater reward than seeing you grow real time, through direct collaboration, shared ownership of the goal and quickly delivered solutions.

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Web and Mobile Development

Whether it is Android, IOS or native web app, our enthusiastic team will build you a fresh new app that your customers will love.

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Growth = effort + strategy + consistency. No shortcuts.

Focused and consistent effort is an essential part of our work culture. Each client, project or simple task is tackled with dedication. We love what we do, and the everyday grind is the fuel that keeps us going. 

That’s why we love working with people who share our vision and passion. From product strategy to implementation, we as an IT consultancy company, are always ready to launch your business idea at any time.

Our mission and values

What separates excellent from average, is the ability to quickly adapt and consistently perform in fast paced online environment. Even the brightest idea will not shine if not coded properly.
We, as a web design company promise to stick to our values:

What we promise, we deliver.

What we take, we make better.

What we make better, makes us happy.

And sharing our happiness with you is the ultimate reward (team buildings included).

Let us code your way to having loyal customers and rewarding revenues

We in Biznamics are your trusted web designers and code deep divers from Sweden. We are a web design company that will see what others don’t and would love to modify your business DNA into a slick, intuitive and responsive web & mobile solution.

We have a dozen of successful projects completed

Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the most frequent questions we’ve been asked and set them as answers to your potential unclear thoughts.

1. How do I know that Dynamics 365 CE Development is what I need?

If you want your business to grow and your systems to scale, they will have to become more and more complex.

Default and low-code solutions most likely will not be able keep up with the tempo, which can slow your business down. Custom development that is backed with knowledge and experience is the best way to make sure your business continues to grow.

Biznamics will give you proper guidance and deliver custom solutions depending on your current position, size, and level of complexity.

2. I want my app build with Power Platform, what do you need from me?

Starting point for us is to understand your current position and what you need. Our consultants will analyze your business and learn what it takes to get your apps to do what they are built for.

If the Power Platform is the way to go, we can proceed with the rest of the details. Note that Power Platform is a complex but extremely efficient solution. Licensing of course, is quite important which requires a detailed analysis.

3. Do you do outsourcing?

Yes, we do.

The world is filled with awesome talent, and we put a lot of time and effort to select the best. But don’t confuse our outsourcing with hunting for low budget. We don’t do that – we hunt talent.

4. What is the final delivery, and do I get the source files?

This depends on the nature of the project and the deal we make with you.  We do both custom software written specifically for the customer, and implementation of a proprietary software or low code customization. Also, it is not the same if we do open-source code implementation or if it is a licensed product shipped.

We will make the best deal for you, depending on what you need.

5. What does Biznamics do?

Biznamics provides IT consulting, products, and services for customers. We have vast experience with Customer Relationship Management systems with Microsoft solutions, web development, custom software development, DevOps, source code management practices, migrations and upgradation of legacy software and the complexities that come with it. Our aim is to work with the top-tier talent in the industry because brilliant people have the best capacity to lead us to the best solutions. Next, we can help you purchase hardware and software at the best price. Finally, Biznamics can provide technical services to install and maintain your information technology

6. I can handle my IT in-house. Why would I want to pay you to do it?

IT is a broad field, and it is not likely that one in-house IT crew can be specialized in everything. On the other hand, if you hire an in-house IT expert in “every” field of IT, your department will be huge and budget consuming.

Biznamics offers a very specific niche of IT services, the ones that will add extra value beyond your usual IT operations. Our specific knowledge gives us power to see and fix what IT experts from other fields can’t. We strongly believe that the extra value we add, will be hard to find elsewhere.

By using our specific services, you will get tangible results, quick delivery, and all this at a fair and less budget consuming price.You and your IT crew will save money, and valuable time required for learning the tricks of our niche. This way, you all can focus on what you do best.